Cheap Childrens Suitcases With Wheels

Whether you are travelling with children across town or across country, it makes good sense to invest in their very own childrens suitcases for the occasion. Children take great delight in having a suitcase of their own when travelling. You can find suitcases for kids in all sizes, shapes, types, colours and styles to suit children of all ages. Each one of your kids will enjoy the experience of helping to pack their bags with the clothing and personal ‘treasures’ they enjoy most. When travelling longer distances, the contents of these bags will provide a great source of entertainment for the kids both onboard the plane and waiting in the airport.

Types of Children Suitcases

Manufacturers of children’s travel bags and suitcases offer a wide assortment of styles and designs to meet your needs. What you buy will depend on the age of your child and how you plan to use your product. If you travel often with your kids, you will probably look for bags that are easy for kids to handle, durable in construction for longer lasting wear and reasonable in price. The price factor becomes even more important when you have a large family.

The rolling suitcase is extremely popular today for kids of all ages. You can match the size and design with your child’s age and body size to make sure he can handle it well on his own. These rolling bags come in a number of cool and awesome designs that are sure to catch your child’s attention. Constructed of durable polyester fabric, the upright rolling suitcase parallels adult models in style, only much smaller in size to correspond with your child’s age. Sizes can be found from preschool age onwards.

The design of rolling uprights is advantageous in that it is very stable and lightweight, making it easy for kids to manage. They come equipped with sturdy handles and controllable wheel structures that kids can easily pull without adult assistance. When choosing this design parents should be sure to thoroughly inspect construction of all features to include pockets, zippers, wheels and handles for strength and durability. Opting for higher quality models ensures your bags will perform well during your travels, eliminating any frustrations or complications due to faulty wheels, broken zippers, etc. as you travel. Mercury Luggage manufactures an adorable red polyester Kids Upright design entitled “Going to Grandma’s” featuring a colourful train in front, spacious interior and handy outside pocket. Some uprights come as part of a two piece set, adding a small backpack with your purchase. Here your child can sport his favourite small toys, crayons, snacks, etc. for your convenience in travel.

Kids rolling duffle bags provide an alternative to uprights. Older children may find the designs and styles more suitable to their taste. Features of these bags include a lightweight structure, expandable design to accommodate more items, easy to pull handles and strong wheels that will support the bag’s weight and size. Your older children should have no trouble choosing a trendy design that appeals to them and then managing the bag on their own for the duration of your trip. Young girls will love Olympia 26″ Pink Rolling Duffel featuring a durable polyester construction, hideaway handles, a high quality wheel system and 8 handy pockets, perfect for a young girl’s additional accessories during travel.

For the younger ones in the family, kids suitcases with wheels such as the unique ‘Trunki’ design may be just the piece busy parents need on extensive trips with their little ones. This unique looking bag serves the dual purpose of a solidly built suitcase and ride along cart for the times your little ones can walk no more in an airport setting. Hard siding provides excellent strength and durability; customized wheels and built in stabilizers keep the case steady for when your child rides on top or is pulled along. Unique animal designs complete the appearance of this novel creation that little children will love.

Benefits of Children Having Their Own Suitcases

The beauty of acquiring individual bags for your children is that they can help “pull the load” by taking care of their own little luggage. Inside their bags, they have packed small toys and knickknacks that can keep them busy during those tiring waiting periods between flights. Long distance travels may also present times of boredom en route to your destination. Having their personal luggage on hand with their favourite treasures can provide the extra entertainment they need to see them through.

When children have their own bags or suitcases, it gives them the opportunity to learn responsibility in taking care of their belongings. Older children especially are perfectly capable of learning how to handle this task and contribute to the smoothness of your travels. If you can teach your child good habits in this area from the time he is young, he will continue the trend as he grows older, making it much easier for you to trust and count on him during your travels.

Most all bags designed for children are carry on size, meaning they will not need to be checked onto the plane. This reduces the costs of your check in luggage and allows you to carry more during your flights as the need arises. This is an added bonus for large families in lowering the cost of travels.

Tips for Buying

By purchasing name brand suitcases for your children you receive top quality products that endure much longer. Some top name brands of these items include Samsonite, American Tourister, Kreative Kids, J World Kids and more, depending largely on your global location. If you prefer to buy locally, you can take advantage of holiday or year end sales to stock up on these products. Cheap childrens suitcases are also readily available through online dealers of this merchandise. Online luggage resources provide an excellent selection of bags and suitcases for every member of your family at prices you can afford.

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