Choosing Tripp Luggage

For twenty years, Tripp Luggage has been a dynamic force in the design of suitcases, bags, and other travel accessories. Buying the right kind of luggage is more about looking good – it is also where you store your possessions, some of which may be very valuable. Purchasing quality travelling aids can go a long way in keeping your things safe and undamaged during the sometimes precarious process of travelling by plane, boat, or bus.

Tripp Luggage sales are generally very generous; looking online for deals, clearance items, and other sales is a great way to save money while still getting something of decent quality. Tripp’s superlite line, for example, has sometimes been reduced to up to seventy percent less expensive than originally. The Tripp Black Superlite travelling case, for example, has retailed at around fifty pounds, whereas its original price was almost one-hundred and twenty. This simple but roomy black cabin suitcase (capable of holding up to twenty-six litters) has a five-year guarantee, a good deal especially considering how cheap it is in the first place. Constructed from six-hundred denier polyester and metallic silver nylon metallic, this superlite is a good choice for a single traveller looking for something no-nonsense and inexpensive.

A similar but larger bag also in the superlite line, the Tripp Peacock Superlite medium case, it retails at around the same price as the Black Superlite. It still features expandability, a two-wheel trolley suitcase, extra padding on the top and side handles for comfort, internal packing straps to keep everything inside in its place, as well as soft, synthetic zippers and an address label in which you can fill out your personal information.

College students may be looking for a bag that is more inexpensive and more suited to their needs as students. The Tripp Black Harvard business laptop bag runs at around thirty pounds, but is spacious enough for your portable computer as well as other essentials. It features security measures like a lock and an integrated padded laptop pocket, to protect your expensive equipment when it’s out of your sight. For the purposes of staying comfortable on the go, the Harvard line also offers removable and adjustable padded shoulder straps.

For a more decorative design, Tripp luggage also sells the Tripp Taupe/pink express rose large wheel duffel. This duffel combines a cute design with a practical travelling aid for thirty-six pounds. The arabesques of the rose print on six-hundred denier polyester makes for a luxurious, as well as distinctive, look. However, the bag is also equipped with wheels, a handy alternative to carrying it if it is full or you have other luggage to attend to.

As well as having on offer a wide variety of very good deals, Tripp luggage also can say it has something for everyone, whether they are an infrequent flier to a seasoned traveller in need of several sturdy bags.

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