Getting nervous about college yet?

I find myself getting slightly nervous but also excited at the same time that college is right around the corner.  I don’t know what to think… it’s really a mix of emotions.  Leaving home for the first time is good for many but also has a downside for me at least.  Two things that I dread the most when I leave for college are…

1. Doing laundry day in and day out.

2. Not having a home cooked meal once in a while.

Yes, yes, I may be spoiled because I’m not used to doing my laundry every time I need something washed but it’s just going to suck doing it every single day while still trying to balance all the newness of college.

I haven’t even begun to start getting ready… next up on CollegeBlogged: a bunch of preparation posts.  Be sure to visit for a few quick tips and reminders!

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