Inflated number of applicants EVERYWHERE!

It’s amazing the amount of applicants that have applied to colleges and universities around the country this year.  Every college that I have applied to mentioned the sheer number of applicants they received made the decision very hard.  They also mentioned that the number of applications increased greatly from the previous year, of course.  These colleges include Wake Forest University, University of Pittsburgh, Vanderbilt University, UNC – Chapel Hill, Duke University, and North Carolina State University.

What’s the cause of the increase of so many applicants?  It’s hard to say exactly but from what I’ve heard from various counselors and professors alike, it has to do with baby-boomers.   Baby-boomers are to blame for the influx of applicants because evidently all of them had kids at the same general time and all those kids are trying to get into college now.  I always thought that when an adult told me that college was going to be very difficult to get into, they were crazy.  Boy, was I wrong.  I was accepted to Wake Forest, Pitt, West Virginia University, and Kentucky University but the rest from above denied me.

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