Natural Search Secrets

In my Position as Manager I would like to welcome you to South West SEO.

Today, clients are more demanding then ever with online marketing. This drives online marketers to push harder then ever to deliver; otherwise the client will take their business to another agency or bring it in house.

This is very true currently are where we are with SEO or as I prefer Natural Search Optimisation. My goal as the manager is to deliver for our clients.  It is that simple; deliver or lose. This constantly drives my philosophy, in this ever changing media you have to adapt and grow to constantly meet the challenges of Google. Unfortunately, it’s a never ending process.

However, as an agency we have to work to standard principles, common protocols and best practices; then tailor these to the individual clients. We work across sectors from travel, finance, Health and insurance implementing common rules across sectors and different competition levels of optimisation is the hard part, what works for 1 client will not always work for another.

Then this is where the hard work comes in delivering more for less is not profitable, but to deliver and maintain the relationship with the client sometimes I have to authorise additional work. The relationship with the client then is maintained and the business maintained

I believe the only way to SEO success is unfortunately hard work. Writing good website content, that content being relating to the keyword you are trying to target, relevant incoming links from resource type website.

The biggest debate at the moment is how you get these links and do you pay for them? The answer is at the moment part of your optimisation strategy will always include paid links, even if it is the form of paying a directory to review your website, paying for a link by the back door. I have nothing against this and as part of our company strategy we have a large list of high value website that involvement payment.

SEO secret: no guaranteed number 1’s, no special submission to 1000 + websites. Hard work and time. Sorry if you were expected a free lunch.

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